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Tuna Trip Photos

July 2021 Bluefin Tuna, Cape Cod, Chatham, fishing
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unnamed (4)
unnamed (1)
unnamed (10)
Doubles and triples early in the game 2022
Matty with a perfect size Giant bluefin tuna
giant bluefin tuna Cape cod
Spectacular Bluefin tuna caught on live pogies
45-50in tuna on the troll
perfect size bluefin tuna Cape cod
Baitfishing on the Cape for Bluefin Tuna
August 2021, bluefin tuna
BKK drifting hooks Perfect size bluefin tuna
Light tackle trip trolling for tuna
new prototype deep seductress 170
tight lines
Cape cod Giant Bluefin Tuna Hooked and released.
Top water Fishing Cape Cod
Cape cod Tuna 2021
2021 Cape Cod fishing
Cape cod 2021, Fishing charters, tuna
Fishing charters, Caape cod 2021, Tuna
BKK hooks, bluefish bait
July 2021 Giant bluefin Tuna, Cape Cod fishing
Here he comes...
July 2021 Bluefin Tuna, Cape Cod, Chatham, fishing
Top water, bluefin tuna Fishing, Cape Cod
Swimming a monster bluefin before the re
My kick ass son Logan showing off his 3
The giant bite has one of the best I’ve
Bluefin Tuna, Topwater spinning gear
This giant took 3 of us to pull over the
Future generation of tuna fisherman
96in 400lbs 2019 July
96in 400lbs 2019 July
Saltywater crew putting the screws to a
I might be wrong but I’m willing to bet
Doubled over on a 72” bluefin
The expression on someone’s face when they hook up on a bluefin tuna, topwater spinning gear
Jason from _thrasherrods made a trip to
October fun
This is what it looks like when a bluefi
Your first bluefin tends to make people
Good times with great clients
Big thanks to _snapshot_eric for grabbin
Good friend _capt
On Cape Cod we deal with a lot of obstac
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