Tuna Trip Photos

Top water, bluefin tuna Fishing, Cape Cod


Swimming a monster bluefin before the re

My kick ass son Logan showing off his 3

The giant bite has one of the best I’ve

Bluefin Tuna, Topwater spinning gear

This giant took 3 of us to pull over the

Future generation of tuna fisherman

96in 400lbs 2019 July

96in 400lbs 2019 July

Saltywater crew putting the screws to a

I might be wrong but I’m willing to bet

Doubled over on a 72” bluefin

The expression on someone’s face when they hook up on a bluefin tuna, topwater spinning gear

Jason from _thrasherrods made a trip to

October fun

This is what it looks like when a bluefi

Your first bluefin tends to make people

Good times with great clients

Big thanks to _snapshot_eric for grabbin

Good friend _capt

On Cape Cod we deal with a lot of obstac





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